About PTA

The Personnel Training Academy (PTA), as a training centre conducts timely training programs for the non-gazetted level officials of the Government of Nepal as well as for the officials of the public enterprises.

The PTA was established in accordance with the 'Employee Training Academy Development Committee (Formation Order) 2009 AD by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette on February 8, 2010. As per the decision made by the Government of Nepal, the office of PTA was formally established on May 7, 2010.

As one of the leading training centers in the country, the PTA is responsible for providing trainings on office management and secretariat skills and others to the civil servants and assistant-level employees working in the public enterprises so as to make them efficient, qualified and competent in their work stations. It provides in-service, pre-service and refresher training courses to the staffers while preparations are underway to commence the Before the Job Training. Staffers recommended by the offices concerned are provided with training for free and there are paid training programs as well for the staffers of those organizations that make special request to the PTA.


The ambit of PTA is increasing these days because of its increased horizon in terms of before the job training, mobile training, long and short-term and others trainings to the non-gazetted officials. The PTA is also planning to give priority to set up a state-of-the-art training lab, ICT lab, virtual training and e-learning centres to ensure better result and enhance the productivity of the officials as well, aiming to give a sense of the training centre in a real sense; not the training centre per se.